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This page is a translated version of the page Página principal and the translation is 100% complete.
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This is a collaborative space, any trader are welcome to read and share.

General Concepts

  • How to install Hyper Trader
  • How to put Hyper Trader on chart and start trading.
  • What means Crossed, Turned, Tilted, > on Signals List?
  • Candlestick Customized Signals
  • Some problems that traders have already faced

Hyper Trader Manual




A badly reported bug or the lack of knowledge of Hyper Trader that you interpret as a bug is a precious time that the developer could be creating new features.

Therefore, before reporting a bug, make sure that:

What you need if not here in the documentation:

If you don't have a video about what you need:

If the Discord community has not gone through this before, there is a very good SEARCH button for this:

Now if even so, nothing worked, the thing is ugly, click here to report a bug:

Click here to see the reported bugs: